Monthly Archive: September, 2015

So you don’t really like obeying God and you want to go back to your old ways.

You are used to your old sinful ways so of course you are going to want to go back to it. The sex before marriage, cursing people out, wild partying, porn, lusting, constant… Continue reading

Casual: Brown

Brown by itisnotmichelle featuring a pink top

So you are letting your emotions take over your life.

What does that mean? You either let your emotions control all of your actions or you make most of your decisions (even ones that goes against your morals) based off of emotions. Instead… Continue reading

So you are procrastinating on something God told you to do.

God gives us assignments. Rather its preaching somewhere, starting a blog, starting a youtube channel, writing a book, or things of that nature He wants us to do it. He gives us the… Continue reading

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