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Are you really a Christian?

If a curious unbeliever were to see what you were doing and how you are acting, would they think you follow God? Would they say “Are you really a Christian?” or Would they… Continue reading

Untitled #1

Untitled #1 by itisnotmichelle featuring a canvas painting

Are you expressing kindess everyday? KINDNESS CHALLENGE!!!!!

I read something alone about smiling can make/brighten someone’s day. I didn’t believe that statement to be true, so I never really smiled at people. Until one day, I was having a bummed… Continue reading

Are you allowing peace into your life? (Fruit of the Spirit: PEACE )

The definition of peace: “freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility.” Looking at that definition, it is understandable why it is one of the fruits of the spirit. Just take a moment to think… Continue reading

Living my life like it’s Golden

Living my life like it’s Golden by itisnotmichelle featuring a white blazer

1 Timothy 2:9 :)

1 Timothy 2:9 by itisnotmichelle featuring skinny jeans

What type of friends do you have?

Seriously, what type of friends do you have? I want to talk about three kinds of friends. The fleshly friends. The Godly friend. The Inbetweener Let’s start with the fleshly friend. They encourage… Continue reading

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