Are you too busy to talk to God?

God wasn’t too busy to wake you up in the morning.

Therefore, you aren’t too busy to thank Him or talk to Him.

Praying is very necessary when you have a relationship with God. Communication is key in maintaining a relationship and that same goes for God. Yet, sometimes people don’t pray to God. Your prayers don’t have to be intense and drawn out all of the time. You can just say “God, I ask that you protect me on my way to work.” That’s a prayer. It doesn’t take long to pray. Also if something is bothering you, you can just talk to God because He listens. God won’t cut you off and start talking about how His life is. He will listen and if you listen to Him, He will give you a solution. God is an awesome person to talk to so why do we have a hard time talking to Him?

Why do we make excuses to why we don’t want to talk to Him?

Why do we only say God’s name when we use it in vain?

How often do you speak to him?


Once very week?

Only when you are at church?

Only once a month?

Only when you need something from Him?

If think you aren’t praying enough think about why?

You can never pray too much! (Satan can make you believe that praying to God a lot will annoy God, which it won’t.)

1 Thessalonians 5:17

God loves you and so do I!!

Have a blessed day 🙂