How are your goals set up?

Write your life goals down or just take a minute to think about them.


Are your goals centered around materialistic things, only yourself, or helping/changing the world?

If you spend your whole life working toward a nice car and a mansion…then what else is there?

I am not saying that there is something wrong with wanting those things, but are those things the only thing you are most concerned about?

You can have those things, but what are you doing to change/help the world?

If we focus more on helping people and changing the world (even if it’s slow), the world can actually be a little better. Yes there will still be hateful people, but we can work to have less hateful people. Trust me, there are a lot of people that are mean that can use your love. I use to be one of those mean people, but God brought people in my life to spark a change in me. No matter how much the world tells you helping isn’t going to do much, it will. Use the gifts God gave you and help people.

Are your goals for benefiting only yourself or pleasing God and benefiting others in a positive way?

Matthew 25: 35-36,40

God loves you and so do I!!

Have a blessed day 🙂