Do you need to go on a social media fast?

How much time do you spend on instagram, youtube, facebook and other social media sites?

If you spend too much time on it, it might be interfering in your spiritual life. Are you making those sites your idol? Are they taking over your whole life? I understand if you have to be on these sites for business purposes sometimes. However you don’t have to be on the sites 24/7. How to go on a social media fast?

  1. Pick a time limit. (5 days to a month is good)
  2. Delete it off your phone and block it from your browser
  3. Don’t go around telling people you are fasting. (Matthew 6:16)
  4. Spend that time with God instead and getting some work done.
  5. Spend that time doing what God told you to do already (start a blog, writing a book)

Don’t let distractions of the world grab your full attention.

God loves you and so do I!!

Have a blessed day:)