How to still spend time with God during Finals week?

It is final week (at least for me) and I have a load of information to study! I was wondering how I would have time to spend time with God during finals week. You might think that you have too much to study so you can’t spend time with God. Trust me you still can!

  1. Pray before you start studying your assignments. Ask God to give you knowledge as you study for your exams.
  2. If you listen to music while studying listen to some soft praise/worship songs
  3. If you study in 20-50 sections with a 5-10 minute break (which studies show is the best way to study) spend that time reading the Bible or praying.

Remember, you will overcome your finals they won’t overcome you!

Good luck on your final and last assignment. God and I are rooting for you!

God loves you and so do I! 🙂

Have a blessed day!