Are you just a social media Christian?


Posting Bible verses, Christian humor pictures, and Facebook status about what we as Christian should and shouldn’t do are good ways of spreading the Word of God. Doing those things plants seeds in people who reads them and you never know who could’ve helped . However, do you even strive at following what you post about God?

For example, do you post about how Christians shouldn’t have sex before marriage but you turn around and have sex with someone you don’t plan on marrying? The thing is you know you shouldn’t be doing and you tell others to not do it, but you don’t even think twice about what you are doing.

Whatever you are posting about God and telling others to do, you should be doing and practicing as well. Don’t just be a Christian on social media; Be a Christian in real life as well.

Matthew 15:8

These people honor me with their lips but their hearts are far from me.