A way to better your spiritual life for the New Year: Prayer Binder!

I know going into the new year, people make New Year’s resolutions. I noticed that a lot of the people I follow on social media have one goal in common: a better spiritual life/better relationship with God. Well, God showed me a way to make that happen.

A Prayer Binder!

While I was on Pinterest, I saw the idea! Well it can be a binder, journal,or a notebook. You can use whatever is convenient to you at the moment.

I am just going to give you the basic things to put into your prayer binder/notebook/journal (really these are just things I have in my binder haha). Of course, add your own stuff if you need to.

If you have a binder you will need paper and dividers.

If you have a journal or a notebook, you can fold the top corner of the pages or use sticky notes as dividers. 

You can make this prayer journal/binder/notebook as colorful as you want. There are loads of free printables online in case you want to be creative! 

  1. Mission Statement (what is the point of the prayer binder) and your purpose in Christ
  2. God attributes
  3. Personal evaluation (you can do this in a daily way or weekly way. You just jot down what sins you struggled with, when you overcame a sin, and things of that nature. This is to show you how you are in your walk with Christ.)
  4. Bible Study (Keep up with what you have been reading in the Bible and you can also place reading challenges in here as well.)
  5. Scriptures (These are where you have Bible verses about different areas in the Word. For example, Bible verses about Fear, Bible Verses about love, Bible Verses about serving others and etc.)
  6. Gratitude (List what you are thankful for daily)
  7. Daily Prayers
  8. Sunday
  9. Monday
  10. Tuesday
  11. Wednesday
  12. Thursday
  13. Friday
  14. Saturday

Each day is dedicated to a topic you want to pray for on that day. For example: Monday=family, Tuesday=friends, Wednesday=unsaved people and so on. If you want more ideas for what you want to add, you can go here:http://intentionalbygrace.com/how-to-make-a-prayer-notebook/ . I got my idea from her but I changed up a few things haha.

If you have any ideas that you added to your binder, you are more than welcome to share.

Hope this helps and Happy New Years Eve!

God loves you and so do I. 🙂

Have a blessed day!