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A way to better your spiritual life for the New Year: Prayer Binder!

I know going into the new year, people make New Year’s resolutions. I noticed that a lot of the people I follow on social media have one goal in common: a better spiritual… Continue reading

Are you just a social media Christian?

  Posting Bible verses, Christian humor pictures, and Facebook status about what we as Christian should and shouldn’t do are good ways of spreading the Word of God. Doing those things plants seeds… Continue reading

What did I learn from this semester of college?

This is my third semester of college and also the hardest for me so far. I had to bring my GPA up and take some really hard classes. Statistics, A&P 2, and Chemistry… Continue reading

Are you stressed about school work or finals?

Please take a rest. Your mental health is way more important than the finals. 1.Talk to God about your frustration. 2. Read the Word 3. Read a book 4. Find something that makes… Continue reading

How to still spend time with God during Finals week?

It is final week (at least for me) and I have a load of information to study! I was wondering how I would have time to spend time with God during finals week.… Continue reading

Do you need to go on a social media fast?

How much time do you spend on instagram, youtube, facebook and other social media sites? If you spend too much time on it, it might be interfering in your spiritual life. Are you… Continue reading

How are your goals set up?

Write your life goals down or just take a minute to think about them.   Are your goals centered around materialistic things, only yourself, or helping/changing the world? If you spend your whole… Continue reading

Are you too busy to talk to God?

God wasn’t too busy to wake you up in the morning. Therefore, you aren’t too busy to thank Him or talk to Him. Praying is very necessary when you have a relationship with… Continue reading

Do you feel less important than others at times?

1 Corinthians 12:33 NLT In fact, some parts of the body that seem weakest and least important are actually the most necessary. Have you thought about all the people that had been through… Continue reading

Are you really a Christian?

If a curious unbeliever were to see what you were doing and how you are acting, would they think you follow God? Would they say “Are you really a Christian?” or Would they… Continue reading

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