So you are letting your emotions take over your life.

What does that mean? You either let your emotions control all of your actions or you make most of your decisions (even ones that goes against your morals) based off of emotions. Instead… Continue reading

So you are procrastinating on something God told you to do.

God gives us assignments. Rather its preaching somewhere, starting a blog, starting a youtube channel, writing a book, or things of that nature He wants us to do it. He gives us the… Continue reading

So you want to stay a virgin or stay abstinent (in case you aren’t a virgin) while in college or high school.

Opinions  So i know in today’s society waiting until you are married to have sex is frowned upon. I mean of course it would be frowned upon because sex and porn is everywhere.… Continue reading

So you are going back to college/high school and you want to spend time with God.

Since school is starting back (or has started back) students have less time on their hands to do things. There are classes, clubs, sports, and also a job. That can be pretty time-consuming. Even… Continue reading

So you want a relationship with God.

God is your father and we are His children. He doesn’t want you to just walk around not getting to know Him or not claiming Him as your father. He wants a father/daughter… Continue reading


Bun by itisnotmichelle featuring a golden necklace

So you want to start studying God’s word.

You have heard Pastors telling you and preaching about  how important it is to read and study the Bible. I already have a post about Reading the Bible and how to start but studying… Continue reading

So you want to stop watching porn.

You probably will look at me and say “How would you know how to stop?” Let me tell you. I started watching porn when I was in the sixth grade and I just… Continue reading

So You Want To Start Reading The Bible.

You have decided to dust the dust off your Bible and start reading. However, you don’t know where to start. “Should I start in Genesis or Revelation?” Maybe, you haven’t thought about reading… Continue reading

Modern 60’s

You can use any top of top but the beatles shirt was suggested to me. You can wear this to a clean festival or a small get together at a park. If you… Continue reading

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